Originally from the Loire Valley in France, Cedric has a natural curiosity for food and wine which he has followed throughout his 12 years working in hospitality and whilst studying to obtain his MBA in hospitality management and WSET awards in wines and spirits.

The French Quarter concept has been growing in Cedric’s mind for as long as he can remember. It’s hard to pin down exactly when this seed was planted but he does say that his passion for wine was stirred as a young boy when games of hide and seek turned into long afternoons spent crouched between bottles of Chateauneuf-du-Pape in his grandfather’s wine cellar.

Cedrics passion for fine food and wine has turned him into a bit of a collector. In the last 10 years he has carefully peeled wine labels off each extra special bottle of wine he has tried, he has photographed every unique French dish he has eaten and saved each empty can after a particularly good beer. As delicious as his life of tasting has been, all of this has been done with one thing in mind, to one day open a place where all of these great products can be shared with others, all under one roof.


Catherine, originally from Northumberland set off in 2010 to work a ski season in the French Alps. Here she met Cedric and stayed for the next 5 years working with him running a successful hospitality business. In 2015 Catherine introduced Cedric to her North East home where they have decided to stay and open this exciting new business together

Coming from a large family Catherine is a natural host and loves getting everyone together. Her love of wine can be traced back to a time before it probably should, when offering to ‘man the bar’ at family parties she would take the opportunity to taste all it had to offer. Many years later, Catherine still samples a variety of wines, but now with one distinct purpose, to carefully choose the tastiest and best value bottles before they make it onto our wine list.

During her travels and time living in France, Catherine has developed a love for traditional, independent shops and restaurants, seeking out unusual places to meet new people or watch the world go by. These discoveries are the inspiration behind the relaxed and sociable feel of The French Quarter.


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